Journey to the Walking Handstand!

Today I witnessed something that is not commonly seen at the gym. There was a man walking across the gym… on his hands. I was so impressed by this act that I actually stopped my workout to go talk to him. And there is not much that comes between me and my workouts so you know this was big.

To give you a bit of back story, I will tell you that the walking handstand has been a dream of mine for quite some time now. I am not content with ordinary so anything that allows me to be extraordinary, I am up for it. I see the walking handstand as an extraordinary ability and therfore I must do it. So I practiced. I practiced daily doing handstands against a wall for about 4 days straight and then stopped… Needless to say I was not too impressed with myself.

Fast forward to today, I saw this man in his 40’s doing the walking handstand flawlessly and I had to know how he did this. So I went right up to him and asked him. I leaned that my previous approach of learning by doing the handstands against a wall was all wrong. He taught me that to learn to do a hand stand, you must first learn to fall. By this he meant that you have to learn how to get out of the handstand and this is accomplished through the art of the sumersault. So I practiced. I practiced doing sumersaults for about 10 minutes straight ignorning the fact that I was likely getting strange looks from the fellow gym members. His logic was that you must get used to being upside down and develop all of the stabilizing muscles to be able to remain upright. Almost anyone can walk up to a wall and slam their feet on it. But try removing the wall and they will fall. You have to build the handstand from the foundation. Once you have mastered the art of the sumersault, then you will attempt to stay in the air for a second before once again completing the sumersault. And slowly you will be able to stay in the air long enough that you will accomplish the full hand stand. At this point you can then try to walk on your hands.

It is my mission to accomplish the walking handstand. I plan to practice daily in order to accomplish this feat! You will of course be updated with my progress on this endeavor. My handstand mentor seems to think I should be able to do this within a few weeks. This seems quite optimistic but I will aim for it none the less. I will set a goal for 4 weeks which brings us to January the 8th. I encourage you all to set some crazy goals and go for it. Let me know what you are striving for!


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