Pick Your Protein


That’s a lot of protein! With the plethora of supplements available, how could you possibly know which ones are right for you? Quality, brand name, grams of protein per scoop, artificial colours/sweeteners, casein, creatine, pre-workout, female only protein, fat burners…umm what…? How do you navigate through the landmines of fancy marketing and determine what is a gimmick and what is actually useful?

Well friends, this all depends. Unfortunately there is not one right answer for everyone. You have to do research to determine what is right for you. There is a lot of artificial crap in many of these products and if that doesn’t bother you, then you should have no problem picking a product. You could basically go into a supplement store, close your eyes, spin around and point. However, of you care about natural vs. artificial there are a few things to consider.

Artificial colours/sweeteners
This has been something that has impacted my protein consumption as of late. I used to use Allmax Isoflex. It had a nice flavour and I was happy with it until I noticed that it had AceK as an artificial sweetener (along with sucralose). Most artificially sweetened powders are either sweetened with AceK or sucralose or both. AceK is somewhat less highly regarded when compared to sucralose. While these sweeteners haven’t been conclusively shown to cause adverse reactions, I became nervous of the possibly of unknown longterm side effects. Hence my transition to a naturally sweetened powder. Right now I am using Kaizen NaturalWhey in chocolate and it is delicious!

Whey Concentrate vs. Isolate
Isolate is more expensive as it is more processed in order to get more grams of protein per scoop. However as it is more processed, it has been hypothesized that it may have less of the health benefits (improved immune system) that the concentrate has. This however has not been proven. I like the isolate because of the increased grams of protein per scoop but as mentioned, it’s pricey. Kaizen NaturalWhey is a blend of concentrate and isolate so you get the benefits of both and it’s not as expensive as the isolate alone.

Kaizen is not paying me to say this…I wish they were! I just really love the product.

Consumption needs
From my research, I have read that you should have one gram of protein per pound of body weight daily. Powders are not meal replacements. So make sure you get most of your protein from your diet and supplement the rest of your protein needs with powder. They are called supplements for a reason.

Bottom line
As far as supplements go, I only take whey protein isolate/concentrate. I have found that is all that I need as I seem to be getting all of my other nutrients from my meals. I don’t use fat burners, mass gainers, or whatever other kind of crazy things you see on those supplement shelves. I’m not saying don’t use them, I’m just saying do your research. It might save you a couple extra bucks and who doesn’t love that!


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