Sick and Stubborn. Let’s Hit The GYM!

You know the feeling. Whether it be tiredness, soreness or sickness, there are always excuses not to hit the gym. Sometimes these excuses are quite valid and other times not so much, however it is in these times when we show ourselves what we are truly made of. Either that or our stupidity becomes very apparent for all to see.

There has been a time or two when consumption of alcoholic beverages, or rather the resultant hangover, has made me question my loyalty to the gym. With a raging hangover, who in their right mind would want to put their body through the tortuous endeavour that is a balls to the wall work out? Unfortunately in these instances, the self righteous asshole voice in my head says, “You did this to yourself. If you didn’t want to workout with a hangover, then you shouldn’t have gotten white girl wasted last night.” That is not what you want to hear when you are experiencing the discomfort of a pounding headache and the threat of vomiting. However, since I am stubbornly committed to my gym routine, I would end up dragging myself out of bed and trudging to the gym to complete that day’s circuit.

Well friends, today I am not hung over, but sick rather. I woke up with a stuffed up and dripping nose (ew), a slight headache, frequent sneezes and an overall feeling of blah. The silly little voice in my head can’t possibly chew me out this time, right? I didn’t do this to myself, so I can skip the gym right? Wrong. My internal drive mechanism is always turned on to full blast so no matter what I do, I cannot stop this moving train. It’s almost as if there is a switch in my brain and it is permanently in the ON position. Annoying really, but in the end maybe it will bring me the success in life that so I hope to achieve. So I will go to the gym with my sickness and all and pray for it to be over before it begins. Some of you may be upset with me for potentially spreading my contagions to my fellow unsuspecting gym members. “Inconsiderate” you may say, but before you get on my case about this, just remember that people that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Unless you are prepared to live as an antisocial hermit for the entire duration of your sickness, I would ask that you don’t hate on my obsessively committed yet extraordinarily stubborn spirit. Instead try and do something today that is challenging to you. Just as performing a full workout while ill is a challenge, you can complete your own challenge and be proud when you have accomplished your goal. Well, my mind is mush right now so I have no more to write….


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