Unrealized Potential

The perfect body. What is it? I suppose it means different things to different individuals. However in today’s day and age, the muscular male physique combined with low body fat percentages is often celebrated. I will admit that since my fitness journey has begun and my own body has changed, I have definitely fallen victim to admiring such physiques, perhaps even more so than before. This may be due to my knowledge of how much work goes in to looking this way and how much dedication is needed and rather than purely admiring the body, I am admiring the mindset… Ok, ok, I won’t even bother trying to convince you of that. These men should just never wear clothing. Back to the point, what if it didn’t take much effort to build a body? What if some people simply have the raw potential to be able to transform their bodies in a matter of weeks? Some people have an apt for learning languages or for a particular sport, but is there an apt for developing an aesthetically pleasing muscular physique? I believe that the answer is yes.

A close male friend of mine, in my personal opinion has such potential to be a buffed out gym nut. This guy is thick, and by that I mean that you can tell that he has the muscle hiding just under his soft exterior and it is screaming to be worked out. When he is not otherwise occupied, this guy spends his time sitting on the couch playing video games. If that is how one chooses to spend their time, so be it, but when you care about someone you want the best for them. It’s like he won the muscular genetic lottery and with some tweaking to his diet and a suitable workout regime, he would be unstoppable. However, it’s not enough to have the genetic potential. If you do not put in the effort, all it will remain is unrealized potential.

Anyone who watched Entourage will know about Johnny Drama and his tiny calves. And anyone who works out their calves knows that they are such a hard muscle group to grow. Well Mr. Drama was willing to pay big bucks for some calf implants and was slightly creepy in his open admiration for defined male calves. Check out the video link below.

So the reality is that some people develop muscles much easier than others. I am so passionate about my own fitness and for me to see someone who I know would be able to maximize results in so little time yet refuses to engage in physical activity, drives me crazy. I just have to remind myself that if someone chooses to focus their attention elsewhere and wants to be left alone…I will just have to keep harassing them until they do what is best for them.


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