Peacocking At The GYM

Today I tried to be a little extra observant of my surroundings at the gym. To my surprise it was actually the female gender which ended up catching my attention. I noticed one girl working out with a rather large multicoloured bow in her hair. I also noticed a girl wearing a black sweater with giant white stars on it. And then I noticed a girl wearing what I hope was just a short pleated tennis skirt rather than a regular short skirt. Needless to say, these are definitely not your typical gym attire necessities. This got me pondering about why women attempt to “peacock” at the gym. I will definitely admit that I do this as well. You will not catch me at the gym wearing any kind of apparel looser than a cat suit. My workout clothes are so tight they might as well be painted on. And yet I still wondered why.

Of course there is the obvious answer which is that ladies who participate in peacocking are seeking attention, but it is possible that there is more to it than just that. We cannot attempt to know every persons story. Maybe they were 300 lbs and lost more than half of their body weight and all they want to do is share their accomplishment with the world. Perhaps they had a serious bout of psoriasis which covered their entire body and now that it is in remission, they want to display as much skin as they can at a public establishment. Or quite possibly they have just gone through a break up and want to show the ex (who attends the same gym) just exactly what he is missing. Or maybe they are just trying to display their uniqueness. Whatever the reason, it is not for us to judge. That being said, I am human and judgement is unavoidable.

As I was making my way to the water fountain, I caught a glimpse of short pleated skirt girl and it just so happened that she was running on the treadmill. Wearing an outfit like that and hopping on the treadmill is quite possibly the most flagrant display of peacocking I witnessed today. Perhaps the only thing that could top that is if she was performing hand stands. In the wild, I suppose this may be equivalent to the zebra walking up to the lion and passing gas in the lion’s face. The zebra knows know that it is kind of asking the lion to look up its skirt. It is a normal human reaction though. Skirt on treadmill = check for wardrobe malfunction. This clever vixen knows exactly what she is doing and hats off to her. I applaud anyone who is confident enough put themselves out there like that. Perhaps that is why I don’t mind prancing around on stage in a less than tiny bikini to be judged by the world. For any newcomers to my blog, no I am definitely not a stripper, I just compete in fitness contests. Although with some of the “costumes” one might see at these fitness shows, you may not always be able to discern between the two. I will inform you that one other mandatory item needed for the competitions are those clear stiletto shoes. And yes, I did get mine from a stripper store. I don’t make the rules! That’s the uniform.

We all want to be rewarded for our efforts and accomplishments. If wearing eye catching apparel to the gym or standing on a stage in very little clothing allows us to display our confidence, then that is what we shall do. All I ask is that you dress appropriately for the social setting. Perhaps that leopard uni-tard pictured above would translate well in the bedroom but likely not so in the boardroom.


2 thoughts on “Peacocking At The GYM

  1. Just read through this post and had to laugh! I love seeing all the crazy stuff people wear at the gym sometimes that is just so out of place. Now that I can see it’s because they’re ‘peacocking’ it has answered my questions. Awesome posts!


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