Drug Of Choice – The Gym

We all have those bad days when we want to block out the world and forget about our problems. Some people may turn to rather unhealthy means of coping with certain feelings but I say turn to the gym instead.

The gym is a magical place in which you can immerse yourself in an environment of sweaty like minded people and drown out all of the negativity in your life with the loud sounds coming from that man in the corner curling weight that is clearly too heavy for him to handle. Saturate your senses with all of the colourful sights, sounds and smells which take hold within the temple known as the gym. The brain can only handle so much stimulation so if you remain focused on the task at hand, all of the things you are trying to get away from will drown into the back of your mind. Unless of course what or who you are trying to get away from is also at the gym, in which case there is a chance you may be unsuccessful in your attempts at your mental distraction.

When I have had a bad day or simply a bad experience, the gym always helps to transport my mind to another place. Likely when the workout has ended, my mind will once again travel back to whatever pissed me off in the first place but at least for 60 minutes or so, I will have successfully managed to avoid thinking of the anger inducing events of the day. It’s a little difficult to concentrate on why that guy you like hasn’t responded to your facebook message while simultaneously doing an ass to grass squat with a heavy barbell on your back.

Here are some distraction techniques you can focus on if your workout isn’t intense enough to do the job.
-Take a stroll by the exercise class studio. The pungent stench will surely transport your mind to thoughts of dirty diapers and dumpsters.
-Spend some time staring at an attractive person at the gym. Use your imagination, just don’t make it too obvious because then you might be labelled as creepy.
-Blast the music in your headphones to epic volumes. This serves double duty as you will probably be too concerned of your ear health to think about your problems but also you can count how many people give you funny looks because they can hear that you are listening to Justin Bieber while working out, and that is just embarrassing.

These methods will provide a bandaid solution to the problems that exist in your life. Utilize them with caution or risk certain gym addiction.


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