Thanks For Noticing!

When we are proud of something that we have accomplished, we cannot deny that we want it to be noticed by others. This is especially true when it comes to displaying the fit physique which you have worked so long and hard for. We have to strike a delicate balance between feigning modesty while at the same time remaining confident. Sometimes you have simply had enough of pretending to be modest. I am not a modest person, but I have to rein in my arrogance confidence whenever the situation does not allow for it to be on full display.

However, sometimes what makes it so much sweeter is when you are not parading it around and it still receives recognition. The other night I went out to a local bar with some friends. At one point during the evening, a male approached me and just blurted out the name of the gym I happen to frequent. I was unsure what was happening so I just looked at him perplexed. He then repeated the name of the gym and the location of the gym as well. At this point, I became somewhat concerned as I did not know who this person was and how they happened to know the address of my gym. He then pointed out that he also attends the same gym and he recognised me. He admitted that he had noticed me a few times and went on to compliment my physique. He appeared far too young to be a dating prospect but he had a funny kind of pompadour hair style going on which I enjoyed observing. I didn’t want to offend him by blatantly admitting to never having noticed him prior to this encounter, so I adjusted my conversation style to try and avoid coming off as an unobservant douche. Of course I work hard in the gym to please myself and no one else, but it is always nice to hear that others take notice.

I attended a gathering a few days ago and a friend of a friend, who was unaware of my fitness obsession, happened to notice my arms. Perhaps her behaviour had to do with her intoxication but she walked right up to me and went into a front double bicep pose indicating her acknowledgement of my fitness. I do not have the type of body that one would equate with a masculine physique, however I did not realise that my guns were blazing at all times. Speaking of guns, how many other slang terms are there for biceps? Check out this clever bicep one liner, “Someone call the vet because these pythons are sic”. That one gets me every time.

At work, I even had a client comment on my physique. I was actually quite taken aback because my work attire is not fitted or flattering in the least bit. Does that somehow make me extra awesome? I’ll pretend the answer is yes.

The point is that people seem to notice a fit body whether you blatantly show it off or not. All of those ladies who are instagraming their photoshop filtered pictures of their abs and asses might want to take note. When did it become acceptable to take a picture of yourself in a thong and post it on Facebook all in the name of “Female Fitness Motivation”? There’s a time and a place ladies. Or rather there is an app for that and it’s called snap chat.


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