Deadline Date For The Walking Handstand


Here we are on the 8th of January. Today is 4 weeks from the date when I set the goal of achieving the walking handstand. So…did I do it?

Well, as you can see from the picture above, I have not exactly achieved what I had wanted to achieve by this point in time. However, one cannot deny that I have made progress. I will be honest and admit that I did not practice every day. I actually began slacking off about a week after setting the goal. I periodically practiced and would then become frustrated. My previous method of practicing was not getting me very far and so I tried to incorporate the crow pose used in yoga to try to gain balance. This did not provide me with the results I sought. Additional frustration ensued which hampered by progress further. When I came to the realization that I only had 3 days remaining until the deadline, I changed my approach and ramped up my practice. I essentially threw myself into the air and any time that I felt as though I was falling backwards, I would turn my left hand and cartwheel out of the fall. This has shown to be the most promising technique for me. I can actually get up in the air for about 1 second before I fall to my doom. Initially, I was quite frightened to throw myself in the handstand position without some sort of safety nearby such as a wall or a mat. I can now do it without fear of falling because I know how to get out of it when I lose balance…which happens every time. Although perhaps some apprehension would do me some good as clearly I still crash and burn from time to time (refer to picture). Unfortunately for me, my photographer felt it necessary to document this crash rather than save me from a possible skull fracture.

I will continue to practice as often as I feel like it and will alert you to my progress when I feel the time is right.


3 thoughts on “Deadline Date For The Walking Handstand

  1. Haha! I LOOOOVE the falling picture! I think it makes it more realistic. Good for you on the progress though. I actually did rhythmic gymnastics in the past and was used to do handstands quite a bit. I would suggest you to practice more with the wall, and then gradually increase the distance between you and the wall. Also, strong arms always help 😀 Good luck!


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