Speedy Snacks For The Lazy Fitness Freak

As per a request, I have decided to discuss a few quick healthy eating tips in today’s post. I am all about quick food prep because I often have to rush out the door in order to get to work and I don’t have time to play around with fancy recipes. Also, in my morning zombie haze, it is probably not a good idea for me to be prepping meals because I may end up chopping a finger. Not to point out the obvious but human finger is not something that should be included in your meal plan.

For breakfast you can go with a multigrain or fibre packed cereal which is easy but equally as easy is my staple, oatmeal. And when I say oatmeal I mean the plain stuff, not the pre-packaged sugar filled crap. Every morning I eat oatmeal in milk with protein powder. The protein powder acts to sweeten the dish and give it flavour so you don’t feel that you are eating lumpy liquid cardboard. See my protein powder post if interested. If you don’t have protein powder, try adding pumpkin puree or cinnamon or even apples for a little extra flavour. Sweeten the oat slop with a natural sweetener such as Stevia, if necessary. To any of those freaks who say that they enjoy their oatmeal in water, I call you liars! Oatmeal in water is so unbearably disgusting that no one who is sane could possibly accomplish the task of eating this willingly. Anyone who actually does this should be jailed pre-emptively because there is something not right with their mind and I suspect that they may be prone to deviant activities.

It is very important to get veggies into your diet. Those little critters may not be the most appetizing but they are very healthy for you. My go to lazy veggie is pre-washed baby spinach. All I have to do is open the fridge, grab a handful or two of raw spinach leaves, drizzle some balsamic vinegar as dressing and I have my no effort veggies ready to go for work. You may need a little something extra as spinach and vinegar alone may not be the most appetizing for you, so in that case perhaps add some unsalted nuts such as crushed almonds or pecans or consider unsalted sunflower seeds. You can even think about adding some chopped apple (skin on) to the salad. It’s a little funky but it is quite tasty. If you have a little bit more time or even if you have some leftovers, consider throwing them in the salad. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thrown leftover chicken or even fish into my spinach salad for extra protein. Leftover quinoa in your salad also makes for an interesting spin on things. I will make a suggestion regarding the dressing. It has been my experience that when I am too lazy to consider washing dishes, I would prefer to pre-dress my salad before heading out the door. I advise against this as it often results in soggy leaves and vinegar spilling all over your bag which leads to your co-workers asking “What is that smell?” as they look in your direction. Just bring the dressing in a separate container.

I really enjoy snacking on rice cakes with natural peanut butter (no added sugar or salt). I will take a plain rice cake, slop on some peanut butter and then sprinkle on a little bit of cinnamon. Sometimes I even add just a miniscule amount of Nutella to the peanut butter. I know it’s cheating but sometimes you have to live a little. I would like to use whole wheat rice cakes instead of the plain ones but I have not yet come across these. Apparently they are out there. Other quick snacks would be cottage cheese, apples or a handful of unsalted almonds. Very easy to pack when you are heading to work.

Egg salad. I love egg salad so much. SO MUCH! But I don’t eat mayonnaise. How can you possibly make egg salad without mayo? Well, friends it’s simple. It is all about substitutions. Instead of mayonnaise, I use humus and Dijon mustard. You may think this combination is strange but give it a try and then judge it for yourself. You can put whatever kind of additional seasoning into the mixture that you like. What I typically do is boil a large quantity of eggs and leave them in the fridge until needed. These are great as a snack or to whip up some awesome egg salad. You can even grab some boiled eggs on your way out the door, just be aware that if you put the peeled eggs in a container, as soon as you open the container, you will smell like an egg…ew. For the egg salad, one egg will usually be enough for one person. Cut up the egg and add a about a 2:1 ratio of humus to Dijon. Don’t use heaping amounts though because we are just using it to add consistency and a little bit of flavour. Then I toast one slice of multi grain bread and apply the egg mixture. Sometimes when I feel I have not gotten enough veggies into my day, I will slice some up and throw them on top. One slice of bread is enough, and you can eat this as an open faced sandwich. However, if you are bringing this to work or school, you can either add another slice of whole grain bread on top or slice the existing piece in half to make a half sandwich. This all depends on if you are trying to limit your carb intake or not.

I feel like I have just vomited out copious amounts of words when I could have summarized my thoughts into a few sentences. I was always good at writing essays in school. I could drone on and on about the subject while really just talking nonsense. The funny thing is that my teachers never seemed to catch on. And if you are still reading this mammoth of a post, then it seems that you have fallen victim to my word vomit as well.


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