Friday Night Gym Crowd

When I have the opportunity, I attempt to get my gym session finished in the morning time so that I may go about the rest of my day without suffering from an anxiety attack from lack of physical exercise. However when life gets in the way, life being work, you have to adjust. The only time I could squeeze my gym session in today would be around 6:00pm in the evening. This would fit perfectly in between my working hours and the customary Friday night festivities.

I wondered who goes to the gym on a Friday night. I expected that the gym would be quite desolate and the individuals who would be present would likely not be in my potential dating pool. Was I pleasantly surprised tonight? Indeed I was.

Little did I expect that the gym would be crawling with age appropriate men. Men with muscles at that. I forgave the fact that these pretty things were taking up my work out benches because I was just happy to be seeing some hot sweaty men for a change. Good thing I wore my brightest and tightest ass pants tonight.

I have never been one who enjoyed waiting around to get I want. If I want something, I am usually quite vocal about it and try and get it. This applies to men as well. I have been known to talk to guys when I am tired of waiting around to see if they will approach me first. However, I have not approached a guy at the gym yet. Obviously you have to take proper gym etiquette into account. You can’t be tapping on their shoulder as they are in an ass to the grass squat. Appropriate etiquette would dictate that one should wait until they finish their set. However, how do you know if a guy does not want to be disturbed? You may want to see if they are wearing headphones. If not, game on, feeding frenzy, party time. If they are using headphones, you might be taking a gamble. For any guys reading this, would you be opposed to a woman approaching you are the gym and complimenting your figure? I would think that every guy would like this, however there are some crazy dudes out there that are 100000000% focused/self absorbed and they would thwart your advances. Shake it off. These guys would make terrible boyfriends anyway. Or that’s what we can tell ourselves. So, I am left questioning whether I should have talked to that blonde muscle head at the gym who totally noticed me. Oh well, at least there is next Friday night.


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