A Competition Complication

Today is going to be a little bit of a money rant. I want to break down the cost of participating in fitness competitions for any of those out there who are considering beginning this journey.

Yesterday I registered and paid for my annual membership to my local bodybuilding association and it made me think about all of the cash that I have spent and will spend on this wonderful sport. Competing is expensive!

First and foremost, you need to get that body into tip top shape. Spending $50 a month on a gym membership is not exactly a small investment. However you can rationalize this by considering that it is benefiting your overall health, blah blah blah. Forget that, I just want buns of steel. If this price is a little bit steep for you, you can do at home workouts but keep in mind that a home gym can become quite pricey as well. Simply doing exercises with body weight typically won’t be enough to get your body competition ready. Don’t get me wrong, you can look amazing with body weight exercises but you likely won’t build the dense muscle that you need to beat out the competition.

Don’t forget about showing off that body! You have to look cute when you are working on your fitness, so there is also the cost of the tight and bright workout apparel. You simply cannot go to the gym in baggy clothing. That will not do and I will scold you for doing so. You can actually find some cheap but sexy workout apparel if you shop at stores that are not dedicated to sports/fitness. I have found some great and relatively inexpensive pieces at Marshalls and Winners.

Also, you must keep in mind that you will have to buy quality healthy food. It can become expensive however you can keep these costs down if you do the appropriate research and buy in bulk.

And then there is show day itself. Oh boy…You can expect to spend around $100 on a professional tan, perhaps around another $100 for hair and makeup, and an additional $100 to register for each competition. This can then skyrocket if you are participating in a contest that is not local in which case you will have transportation and lodging costs. And then there is the suit. You would think that for such a little amount of fabric, you wouldn’t pay out the nose right? Very wrong. They market these suits as custom, but take a look at some of these girls and you will see that everyone is almost the same size. So I will call them barely custom. Consider yourself lucky if you find one of these suits for $200 and those are the ones without any bling on them. The local suit designer in my area is charging $300 for a plain bikini competition suit. That is madness. So I took a chance and ordered my suit online. I did find one of the $200 suits and thank God it fit well. After my first show, I went to the craft store, bought a small quantity of bling and strategically glued it on myself. After my second show, I decided that it wasn’t nearly enough sparkle so I then barfed bling all over the suit and now it sparkles like a vampire in the sun.

Regardless of all of the costs involved in this sport, please do not let it discourage you from participating. Aside from stupid expenses like rent…there is nothing that I would rather spend my money on than competing. People spend copious amounts of money on eating out at restaurants and binge drinking and purchasing meaningless miscellaneous items, so why not spend that money on something that truly makes you happy? This makes me happier than any other hobby or activity that I have ever engaged in and if that means I have to live out of a cardboard box…ok, that might be a stretch but you get the point.


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