I’m Just Lucky To Be Let In The Door…

I am so excited and I simply cannot contain it! Inside Fitness magazine hosts an annual contest called The Hot and Fit 100 where ladies can submit their picture and try to make it onto this list of the 100 hot and fit elite…Ok, when I say it like that, it doesn’t sound like a very positive thing… but whatever. Before you get too excited and cry tears of joy for me, no, I did not enter the contest. I think one of the pre-requisites to be considered is a set of fake boobies and you know my stance on that.  Regardless, they do have a party to celebrate all of the contestants and the winner and they opened up the guest list to the public. So I sent them a little message saying that I compete in fitness shows and how I would love to attend so that I could blog about the event. Well, I just found out that I got myself on the guest list! This will be my first time attending a fitness industry party.

If any of you have read my post on protein powders you might get excited for this piece of news. Guess who is sponsoring the event? My favourite supplement company Kaizen! Hey Kaizen, you know what would be awesome? Give me some free protein!

I will be attending this party by my lonesome so I hope that I can push my inner extroverted egotist to the forefront and converse with some influential people. Ass kissing at its finest.

I must now purchase a new outfit for this party because what I have simply will not do. The outfit must be classy with the right amount of hooch thrown in. It must be skin tight to accentuate my bubble butt while at the same time not make obvious my lack of silicone knockers. It must be sleeveless of course because I have to display the guns, but it must be cut so that the shoulders do not come off looking masculine. It must be short to show off the muscular legs but not too short that I look like I should be walking the streets. As I smirk devilishly, I will contemplate the idea of doing the purchase and return the next day move. I never claimed to have a fine tuned moral compass, don’t judge. Ok, FINE, you talked me out of it. On top of finding and then purchasing this illusive perfect dress, I will have to pay for parking at the event. Paying for parking is one of my least favourite ways to spend money.

I am eagerly anticipating this event which will be held this Saturday and I look forward to sharing my experience with you all. But most importantly, I will keep you posted on the new dress situation.


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