Boulder Shoulders!

I love the male body. One of my favorite male body parts is a nice round sculpted shoulder. You may think this an odd area for one to be excited about however a man with “slanty” shoulders as I like to call them, just will not do it for me. Slanty shoulders are those shoulders that slope downwards starting at the neck as opposed to shoulders that are flat like a plateau. The weak slanty shoulder is not to be confused with the strong developed slanty traps though, as visible in the above picture. The weak slanty shoulder is like that old hanger that won’t hold any clothing because it is too slanty. Whenever I spot the weak slanty shoulders, they remind me of dainty things like flowers or kittens. Needless to say, you don’t want to be thinking about these things as your man is ravaging you, unless you have a really offbeat fetish. I love a boxy plateau shoulder with a firm ball of muscles to cap it off. No shoulder pads needed here.

The shoulder is made up of a group of muscles and together they are known as the deltoid. There are the anterior, lateral and posterior heads. All three heads of the deltoid must be worked in order to have a balanced shoulder. Frequently people focus on the anterior and the lateral heads and forget about the posterior. This should be deemed a criminal act. It can actually cause you to look unbalanced and possibly like you are hunching forward. Ensuring that you work the posterior head of the deltoid will improve your posture and allow for a balanced and round look to the entire shoulder. Forgetting to work the back of the shoulder is like serving a half baked cake. Sure, the top looks wonderful but upon further inspection, you learn that it is a half assed job and has the texture of baby shit.

For any ladies out there, don’t think that you are off the hook. A weak female shoulder is just as bad as a weak male shoulder except that they are slightly more accepted by society because of your gender and the stereotypical perceived inadequacies between men and women when it comes to strength. I frown upon a weak looking female shoulder just as much as a weak looking male shoulder. My genetics have been very kind to me and have provided me with excellent shoulder bone structure which makes my toned deltoids look that much more round and balanced. Man or woman, I appreciate a nicely sculpted shoulder and I try to encourage others to work this area at every opportunity. Having a balanced shoulder can be the perfect accessory. What are you wearing to the party? I’m wearing boulders on my shoulders of course.

If you are reading this and you have the slanty shoulder or just an underdeveloped shoulder, there is still some hope. While part of the shape is indeed bone structure, you can build this muscle to disguise the slantiness and trick your peers into believing that you had well balanced shoulders all along. Let’s build those boulder shoulders! Here’s how:

Overhead press

Lateral Raises

Front Raises

Face Pulls

Upright Rows

Rear Delt Flye

I perform all of these exercises and more on my shoulder day. Do at least 3-4 sets and 10-15 reps with a decent amount of weight. Doing all of these exercises will ensure that you hit the shoulder from different angles and all three heads of the deltoid will be worked. Please reference Youtube for proper instruction and form regarding these exercises.


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