Do We Prefer Lies When It Comes To Fitness?

If you read my post from the other day, you will know that I will be attending a fitness industry party this Saturday and I needed a fabulous new dress for the event. I went dress shopping last night and as I was cutting it kind of close to the event, I ended up buying something I didn’t really intend on buying (see above picture). The dress has sleeves…I really wanted to show the guns so I am slightly disappointed but I was afraid that I wasn’t going to find another appropriate dress in time. The most important thing is that the dress is pretty much a body condom as in super tight which shows off all the junk in the trunk.

I was talking to the salesperson and as she was pushing hard to try to convince me to purchase a necklace, earings and shoes to go with the dress, she happened to notice all my business in the back if you know what I mean. She then went on to tell me that she has been weight training for 10 years and she does squats until the cows come home but she still has no junk in her trunk. She asked me what it is that I do to build a booty. I was honest with her and told her that I have had a big butt since high school and aside from toning it up since I started lifting, it has pretty much been gifted to me from a young age. She then whined and told me that I should not have told her that… She would rather that I had lied and told her some bogus method that she could use.

This really made me wonder if people just want to be deceived into believing that they can attain something when the reality is that perhaps they may never actually be capable of doing so. I would never tell anyone that they cannot do something but when it comes to genetic potential, sometimes there really is a plateau that cannot be overcome. When I was younger, my chest was very underdeveloped compared to my peers and I always thought that one day I would catch up to them…one day. Well, I never quite did but at least I can fit into a bra now. However, any aspirations that I would have had of becoming a busty babe went out the window after I hit a certain age. Genetically, I am not programmed to have a large chest. Genetically, perhaps the salesperson is not programmed to have a big butt.

So back to the question, do people want to be lied to? I think they do and I think that the businesses out there have figured it out and are cashing in. It is an awful thing to think about but money makes the world go round and if you can successfully convince a group of people that they too can have an ass the size of the moon, why not? There are fitness magazines, fitness DVDs, fitness books dedicated to convincing people that they can achieve the results that the models in the pictures have achieved. I will say that it is absolutely 100% possible to have just as low of a body fat percentage and to become super toned, but each and every person is different. For one person at their best physical condition to compare themselves to another at their best can yield mixed feelings because they will never look identical. That is what makes us human and we are unique. Natural bodybuilding competitions compare athletes at their best and the reason that they are able to determine a winner is because people are inherently different. In the end, the winner doesn’t matter because the judging is purely subjective, but what they base their decision on is tiny differences in each body. Each competitor may eat the same food and train the exact same way but they still have a genetic blueprint which determines what their aesthetic potential is. So if you think you have a complex over comparing yourself with others, think about how those of us who compete in these shows feel.

When I am telling you about genetic blueprints, the last thing I want to do is provide anyone with an excuse for not trying to achieve their fitness goals. If you desire a bigger (muscular) butt, you can get one. It may not end up looking like Ms.Olympia’s butt, however working any muscle the right way will make it grow. I will never have a big chest, however I have lifted the girls and caused them to look just a little fuller by working the pectoral muscles underneath the fatty tissue. Suck on that genetics!


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