The Party and The Cheater


So first off, I want to apologize. It seems as though I have become accustomed to posting new content daily however for the past three Saturdays in a row, I have failed to do so. You may have come to my blog on Saturday seeking new content and when you discovered the lack of new material, you violently cursed my name. Well, seeing as I sometimes lack the creative juices to entertain you, perhaps I will take Saturdays off from blogging to recharge my batteries.

Shifting gears now. Yesterday I attended Inside Fitness Magazine’s Hot and Fit Party. The picture shown above displays the events of the night. I managed to wrangle up a sidekick so that I didn’t have to attend the party alone. In the end, my sidekick turned into more of an enabler. Upon arrival, my sidekick immediately hit the bar and had two drinks in hand before I had even finished at the coat check. When all was said and done, I cheated big time last night but I am not above using my sidekick as a scapegoat. Enabler! I want to share with you all of the contraband indulgences which I was forced to shove into my mouth last night. Wine, vodka cranberry, Jager shots, seafood platter, fried chicken, deep fried spicy shrimp and pizza…. Before you think of me as a gluttonous fool, I will say that I only had a few bites from each food platter. Although the pizza is a different story…Thin crust pizza is my Achilles heel and I just go weak in the knees whenever I am near it. I am as weak as a new born baby deer trying to stand for the first time. Needless to say, I ate a decent portion of pizza last night. F!

Oh, I am getting a little bit ahead of myself. Back to the party. So after arriving, I was on the lookout for VIPs to network with but sadly I could not differentiate between regular party guests and the people of influence. At least my dress looked great and showed off my ASSet however when it started becoming very crowded, sadly the booty was hidden from view. We stayed for about 2 hours and then left for Chinese food. After arriving back home, we made some pizza and called it a night… Not exactly how I expected the night to go but what can you do?

It is somewhat of an anticlimactic story. I know, but you will forgive me. What this means is that I have terrible food guilt in my soul and must now go die at the gym today. There are only 8 weeks left until my next contest so I have to stop cheating on my meal plan…Keep the pizza away from me!


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