No Gym? No Problem! Tropical Vacation Edition

When you are in a real bind and you simply cannot get to the gym, fear not. You can workout ANYWHERE! I made the above video while I was on vacation in Aruba in the fall. I left for this vacation just over 24 hours after my last fitness competition. I wanted to find natural elements that I could use as weights, a workout bench or a pull up bar to show that all you need is a little bit of imagination and some will power. I hit every major body part so we can consider this a total body workout. Give it a try at home or at the gym. Make sure to do at least 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps with appropriate weight. The scenery won’t be as nice as in the video but no one said that the journey to fitness was pretty… except if you are in Aruba.

I had a blast making this video and scouting the island for locations. Shoutout to my cameraman JR, who I know will never actually read this blog but thanks anyway!

Just FYI, after shooting the sand run scene in the video, we proceeded to get our rented jeep stuck on a sand dune for about 2 hours. Oh, Aruba.


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