Intimidation Nation

A strong, confident and independent individual is what every woman aspires to be, right? Well, why is it that sometimes society doesn’t always appreciate this? I saw a commercial recently which compared men in power with their female equivalents. The men were seen as taking charge and inspirational but the women in the same position were seen as bossy and demanding. What double standard bullshit is this?

Over the summer, I was hanging out with one of my close male friends. He doesn’t really understand my fitness dreams and does not particularly appreciate a very muscular female physique. He was quite apprehensive when I informed him how I had intended to change my body through fitness and warned me of not getting too muscular. Well, on a particularly warm summer day, I was wearing a tank top and carrying my purse on my forearm. As girls often do, I was carrying the world in my purse which made my bag quite heavy. My good friend was then kind enough to demand that I not to hold my purse on my forearm because apparently this made my bicep bulge excessively and caused me to have a vein pop in my arm. This was very unappealing to him and he made this known. I became immensely annoyed at his words and therefore I continued to hold my purse in this way just to irritate him.

Do we live in a culture that is afraid of strong women? Or is it just the men who are insecure with themselves that fear strong women? My male friend does not go to the gym, does not lift, and he is not as fit as I am. I wonder if that comes into play when he comments on my bulging biceps. I actually became somewhat self conscious of my biceps and decided to stop training them. I figured that they were as big as I needed them to be and they still get a workout indirectly when I work my shoulders, chest and back. When I informed him that I had stopped training my biceps, he verbalized his approval. This pissed me off that much more and I was upset with myself that I had let his words sink in. I truly believe that the male gym rats can appreciate a toned female physique. The male muscle head knows how much work goes into staying fit and they can relate. Regardless of any man or woman’s opinion on my physique, I am in love with my body. I am so in love with my body that my ego has been known to fill an entire room. In the end, the only person you need to impress is yourself. You are the one who has to look in the mirror everyday and if you are happy with what you see in the reflection, that will translate in your actions and behaviours. I don’t think anyone can deny that confidence is sexy. So I say love yourself and that will make it that much easier for others to love you too.


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