The Plastic Princess

The grass is always greener on the other side, right? Perhaps this is not always the case. When someone gets plastic surgery to alter their appearance, does it increase their self-esteem or does it simply make it easier to consider having another procedure and another and another? Does plastic surgery actually resolve body insecurities or does it make the individual more self-conscious? I suppose this question is a very personal one and the answer greatly depends on the individual, the procedure, and the surgery outcome.

Yesterday at the gym, I noticed a woman who we will call the Plastic Princess (PP for short).  She was a very thin woman with what I can only assume were watermelons shoved into her bra. She had the kind of figure where you only need to take a quick glance and you can instantly tell that there is no way that those “breasts” are natural. At some point in the plastic surgery decision making process, what makes someone think that going for an unnatural look is better than a natural look? If I were ever to have a procedure done, I would not want anyone to even question whether I had had work done or not. That shit has to be subtle or you start looking like the cat lady (pictured above).

As I was doing my rear delt dumbbell flyes, PP walked right up to me and struck up a conversation. She said, “I’m not trying to be a pervert or anything but you have a nice round bum. What exercises have you been doing to get it to look like that?” It was at this point that I noticed just how far PP had traveled down the plastic surgery hole. In addition to having giant cannon balls for boobies, she had obviously had something done to her lips and I suspect that she had work done around her eyes as well. Is there something in the plastic surgeon handbook that states that everyone who has gotten facial work must end up looking the same? Do they not all look the same?!  I am not against the idea of someone getting plastic surgery however I just think it looks much more appealing if it is done in a way that results in a natural look. It is alright if you disagree with my opinion. After all, opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one.

Upon our face to face encounter, I noticed that PP was fully made-up at the gym. With that much plastic surgery on your face, you would hope that you would consider yourself beautiful enough that you could feel comfortable going au natural to the gym. She had on glittery eye shadow and some obvious fake eyelashes with some pink lipstick. This made me question just how much self-esteem does plastic surgery actually give you. I do not know this woman and I will not speculate but my first impression is that her self-esteem is not very high. I could be way off base here but it was my initial thought.

I proceeded to inform her that the booty may be a genetic gift but I provided her with some tips none the less. I gave her some advice regarding the leg press machine and she proceeded to execute her interpretation of my directions. She had one 45 plate loaded on each side of the leg press for a total of 90 pounds. If you have read my leg press post, you will know that I insist on pushing at least your own weight when using the leg press. She was not 90 pounds so this weight was not acceptable in my eyes and I even walked past her and in a friendly tone said “You can do more weight than that”. I then noticed that in between her sets, she decided to take quite a long phone call. Hmm…maybe the low weight and long rests in between sets could play a part in your lack of muscle gains. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

I would advise thinking very carefully prior to doing any permanent body altering modifications. Too bad fitness can’t be a permanent body altering modification. If it was, I would save a fortune on gym membership fees.


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