For The Love Of Leg Day!


Hello friends! Today is a glorious day. Why is that, you ask? Because it is leg day of course.

Leg day is notorious for being uncomfortable, painful and an all around difficult workout. That is why I hold a great deal of respect when I see men working on their legs. Men have a long history of focusing on chest and arms and neglecting the legs because they are not as noticeable. However, to any lady that lifts, a buff body sitting atop a pair of chicken legs is as noticeable as Justin Bieber in a jail cell filled with real men.

Of course the chicken leg man has devised ways of hiding his weakness. He has been known to wear high top shoes or knee high socks or baggy pants with attempts at deceiving any onlookers. He can be somewhat successful at hiding his embarrassing legs while wearing such items at the gym but this will not change the fact that whenever chicken man hits the beach, his physique will resemble the shape of a lollypop. You know, a big bulky mass on top of a minuscule stick.

There is almost nothing more admirable then seeing a well proportioned man performing squats at the gym. Ladies usually spend more time working on their legs because that is typically more accepted by society. A woman would likely rather have strong glutes than strong biceps. I believe that a well balanced body is what everyone should strive for rather than focusing on only one area. I know that that may sound hypocritical coming from someone who prides herself on having a very well developed set of glutes, but I will have you know that I give every part of my body the attention it needs at the gym. I have had a tumultuous relationship with leg day since I began lifting. In the past, I have loved it, I have hated it and I have spat a full range of curse words when thinking about it. Presently however, I am back in love with leg day.

Let me tell you what is on the menu on this fine leg day.
Leg press
Standing and seated calf raises
Hip thrusts
Cable kickbacks
Prone ham curls
Stiff leg deadlifts
Jump Squats
Walking lunges

Ok ladies and gents, its time to shape that ass. Now get to it!


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