Give a compliment, get a compliment. A gym karma tale.

Is there truly such a thing as gym karma? Perhaps there is and perhaps there is not but putting a smile on someone’s face is always better than making someone frown.

There is general gym etiquette which each and every gym member should follow. For example, one should ALWAYS put your weights back after you have finished using them. This is gym etiquette 101 and for someone to blatantly disregard this unwritten rule is like leaving gum on one of the pews at church. It is just not right and God will strike you down for doing it. There is nothing quite as unpleasant at the gym as seeing weights strewn everywhere. It makes the gym look messy and you can never find the weight that you are looking for because it is buried somewhere under that stack of 100 lbs dumbbells. The people that do this are typically not the hardcore gym rats. My keen skills of observation tell me that it is either the hot shot show off, the stupid teenager wannabe hot shot show off, or one of the peekaboo people I mentioned in a previous post. Next time I see someone not put their weights away, I want to walk right up to them and inform them that if they do not immediately clean up their mess, I will find a place to shove their used dumbbell and it won’t be on the weight rack, if you get my drift. Oh my, it is too early in the day to be having such violent thoughts. Let’ get back to my intended topic.

As the title of this post says, give a compliment, get a compliment. This is a lovely sentiment especially when this happens at the gym. This is gym karma at its finest. The other day, I noticed a lady who I suspect was in her 50’s. She caught my eye because she had a fantastically shaped and muscular back. She was a very petite lady and from the front, you likely wouldn’t be able to tell that she had a monster back. But there it was and every time she turned her back to me, I was in awe of it.  At one point, I wanted to use a machine that happened to be near where she was standing. I politely asked her if she was using the machine and when she said no I said “By the way, you have a fantastic back.” She then responded by saying, “Thank you, I work hard for it.” I was truly impressed by her physique and even though I did not know this woman, I was happy that I was able to make her happy.

After my workout, I was packing my things in the change room when a fellow gym-goer who I did not know, asked me if I was a gymnast. Of course I went on to explain about how I compete in fitness shows and that is the reason that my physique looks the way that it does. She then complimented me on my figure and it made me feel really nice. I don’t ever need someone to justify my hard work with compliments but of course it is always a wonderful feeling when it does happen. Perhaps there was some good gym karma coming my way.

I don’t know if I actually believe in karma or not but it is an interesting concept regardless. The idea that there is some balance of good and bad deeds can be somewhat of a frightening thought and it may actually promote people to do good deeds only on the selfish basis that they want to avoid being punished. At its core it is just positive and negative reinforcement I suppose. Regardless, the simple fact is that one should be considerate of others and this applies to people at the gym as well. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, so be nice and maybe you might get some good stuff in return.


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