Change of Scenery


Due to unforeseen circumstances, today’s workout will be slightly different. I am unable to make it to my regular gym and the only fitness facility that will be available to me will be one of those “gyms”  within a condo building. These “gyms” are known for being quite basic and not a hard core gym rat’s first choice but you have to work with what you have, I suppose.

Of course the “gym” will have a couple of treadmills and perhaps a few elliptical machines and likely even a bench or two. None of that will be of use to me today as it is supposed to be a heavy leg day. Well, change of plans I guess. I am expecting that they will have at the very least, a dumbell rack. I may very well just shit a brick if they don’t. What gym wouldn’t have a dumbell rack? And if they do have one, they better be packing more than just 5 and 10lbs dumbells because if not, I will be utterly disappointed. How in the world am I supposed to do a sumo squat with 10lbs? That requires about as much effort as it takes to yawn and I will never achieve a good glute burn by doing this.

Ok, ok, so I know that you can workout anywhere and going to an inferior gym is not the end of the world. I am also aware that I am being quite over dramatic about the situation but you must understand that I had a heavy leg day planned out which now must be swapped out for a light leg day with an infusion of plyometrics. I don’t like last minute changes when it comes to my workouts but one must adjust. Such is life. Maybe I am just in a pissy mood because I have planned a cheat meal tonight which I am already feeling guilty about before the consumption has even occurred. Any guesses? Pizza of course, duh.

The following will tentatively be on agenda for todays light leg day:

Walking lunges
Sumo squats
Glute bridge
Single leg dumbell deadlifts
Jump squats
Alternating leg jumping lunges
Side lunges
Pistol squats
Step ups

That should be sufficient for a light leg day. I do apologize for the horrible content of todays post. Hopefully I will be inspired to write something of better quality tomorrow.


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