Sports Talk on Super Bowl Sunday

On this fine Super bowl Sunday, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to reflect on sports and how they can enrich your life. Sports alone will not allow you to build that bodybuilder physique but they will allow you to burn a hell of a lot of fat and have a blast at the same time.

Sports are a fantastic way of exercising without the exercise feeling like it is a chore. Competition, adrenaline, and aggression all come together into a perfect mix and you can lose yourself in a game while shedding an enormous amount of calories simultaneously. I have played soccer for about 18 years at various levels, indoor and outdoor, half field and full field, co-ed and all women, so I know a thing or two about the joy of sport. I am just speculating here but soccer may be one of the contributing factors to my bubble butt…just saying. If any of you are searching for a way to burn some calories but do not enjoy going to the gym, you should consider joining a recreational sports team to get the job done.

This past summer soccer season, I was on a co-ed team. On one of the teams that we played against, there was a guy who would roll up his sleeves to expose his shoulders and he would play the entire game this way. Well, I can confidently say that he worked out. My God, he had a perfect set of shoulders on him. You know how I feel about boulder shoulders… I secretly nicknamed this guy “Shoulders” and the other ladies on my team and I would watch him run with admiration. I remember frequently asking, “Are we playing against Shoulders today?” “Where is Shoulders?” “Shoulders should play soccer naked.” That was a fun season.

Sometimes simply watching a game can get your heart pumping depending on how boisterous you become. Jumping up and down while threatening to throw things at the TV, can definitely rev up the metabolism. While there may be some truth to that statement, I hope you can sense my sarcasm. I love the feeling of cheering for a sports team, screaming when they score, feeling disappointment when they F up, and celebrating when they clinch the win. Today, I wanted to get into the Super Bowl mood yet I do not follow football at all. So in these instances, I find that it is best to randomly pick a side and passionately root for that team until the end. You can really get into the game that way even if you are not an avid sports watcher. I decided that I would cheer for the Denver Broncos because their uniforms are a nice orange colour which is more pleasing to my eye than the sterile white colour of the Seattle Seahawks’ uniforms. Now before I get hate from any serious football fans, I just want to tell you to chill the F out. Apparently when I give my support to a team, it turns into bad luck because the Broncos made a huge error within the first minute of play which caused the other team to earn two points. I am not familiar with football but I am familiar with soccer so if I am relating the Broncos’ mistake to an equivalent mistake in soccer, it would be like a team scoring on their own net. The bad luck continues as I am currently watching the game and the Broncos have yet to score while Seattle is racking up the points.

Just remember that you should not ruin your carefully thought out nutritious meal plan just because it is Super Bowl Sunday. Stay strong and only eat the celery and carrot sticks that come with the chicken wings that your friends ordered. Unlikely… But just remember that a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips. Sorry to be a downer.


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