What In The Snow Covered Hell…?

Why do I live here? I found myself asking myself this very question over and over for this entire winter season due to severe inclement weather. It has been like the Weather Gods gave out all of the nice winter weather to other areas and what was left over was a big old dumping of shit. Here Canada, have some fun with this.

What a nice surprise I received when I stepped outside to head to the gym yesterday morning. I was greeted by snow that had built up so high that it overflowed into my boots  which caused my little toes to freeze. This was a very unpleasant feeling. I had to dig my car out of a snowy coma before realizing that if I didn’t shovel my driveway, I would likely not be able to drive back into said driveway upon my return. The last thing you want to do before you head to the gym is spend the better part of an hour clearing your driveway of heavy snow. I came back into the house to text my friend and ask him to come over and shovel my driveway. He said he would only do so if I made him breakfast. I didn’t like this proposition so I resigned to shoveling the driveway myself. He then told me to stop being a wuss and get my ass to the gym. So I shoveled the whole damn driveway and after a brief session of whining aloud to myself, I made my way to the gym. Let me tell you, shovelling is like a workout on its own.

Once I trudged through the Arctic like conditions and made it to the gym, I was actually quite surprised that it seemed as though everyone had the same dedication to self-inflicted torture as I did. I thought that the gym would be empty but I would say that there was the normal amount of people present for that time of day. Good for us. We are a bunch of nuts.

In my distracted state prior to departing for the gym, I did make a serious blunder. I had forgotten my music at home and was forced to workout without it… This can be quite treacherous at times as it doesn’t allow for appropriate distraction when pumping crazy iron and therefore you are weakened in the musically deprived state. F. Another half assed workout.

After returning home from the gym, I learned that constant snow equals a shovelled driveway that doesn’t look like it has been shovelled. I spent the better part of the afternoon looking out the window and cursing aloud at the snow. So, what did I decide to do? I decided to document my snow day and go outside with just my workout clothes on as a big “F U” to the Weather Gods. Posted above is the very unattractive photo of me yelling to the Weather Gods, so I hope you appreciate that. Clearly I have some sort of mystical powers because the snow soon stopped. Despite this, perhaps I should be thanking the Weather Gods as they are the reason I did not have to go into work… On second thought, NO! They almost prevented me from making it to the gym and that is the worst kind of crime! So I will continue to curse at them until the weather gets nice.


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