The Healthy Date Meal

Dear Friends, I have committed crimes of douchebagery and I extend my condolences for the pain and suffering that I have undoubtedly caused you. I am of course referring to my lack of postings from the previous week and I know that you must all be deeply troubled by this. To remedy this, I will promise to post frequently rather than everyday.

What has caused this disturbance in posting you ask? Well, the reason for my distraction may be somewhat cliché so you must forgive me. I have been distracted by…a boy. I have not gone so far down the rabbit hole that I have allowed him to distract me from my training. That would be utterly preposterous and I would hate myself if I ever allowed that. He has actually been quite accommodating to my crazy health nut ways and not everyone would be willing to put up with it, so for that reason he gets some points.

Who is this distraction? It may surprise you but he does not even go to the gym. Oh…My…God! Yes, you read that correctly. It even took me by surprise. But, what can I say? Chemistry is paramount.

Today I wanted to discuss the date cheat meal. When two people are going on a date, the typical plan of action is to go out to a restaurant. But what happens when you are on a strict meal plan? It is so lame to go out on a date and just order a salad. Yes, that is the stereotypical healthy choice but there are other healthy options out there that don’t give your date the impression that you are a little vegetarian rabbit. This just reminded me of a quote from a recent Arnold Schwarzenegger movie in which he said “You punch like a vegetarian.” I almost died when I heard that line. I found it so comical and pretty much anything that comes out of Arnold’s mouth is gold in my eyes. So, speaking about healthy restaurant options, let’s get right into it. If you are like me and you enjoy fried calamari, try ordering up some grilled calamari instead. I will be the first one to admit that it is not equivalent in taste, however you get a relatively healthy option while still telling yourself that you are eating the beloved calamari. Sushi is another favourite of mine. It is not strictly contraband but the abundance of rice is not ideal for someone trying to restrict the carbohydrates. An option is to order sushi with brown rice instead of white rice. Once I even had a sushi roll wrapped in cucumber sliced length wise and this was used instead of rice. It was completely guilt free and quite tasty. Avoid adding anything fried to the sushi. When ordering the dreaded salad, make sure to get some grilled chicken on top of that sucker. Chicken will allow you to get some much needed protein and you will look less lame. Also, order vinaigrette instead of a creamy dressing as these are much healthier options. If you must get creamy dressing, ask for it on the side so you can control the portion that is added. Ordering non-breaded fish is always a good option and be sure to consider a side of veggies instead of mashed potatoes or pasta. Steak is a nice hearty protein filled meal but be sure to trim the fat from the edges. Avoid adding too much extra salt to your restaurant meals as they are probably already seasoned with a more than healthy quantity of salt.

Eating out is definitely not synonymous with healthy eating but you can make appropriate choices when ordering. Be mindful of the way that they prepare the food and what sauces the foods are drenched in. And don’t be afraid to ask the server about healthy menu options. I cannot stay focused on this topic of conversation…he just asked me to be his valentine. As long as he doesn’t get me chocolates, he is scoring some major points.


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