Healthy By Association?

You have made the decision to get healthy. You have committed to nutritious eating habits and a consistent fitness routine. You have done what you can to ensure that you have set yourself up for success when it comes to your personal health and fitness goals. But what about the people who you spend most of your time with?

Perhaps your significant other supposedly supports your fitness goals. However, what if they do not share any of the same ideals when it comes to their own health. Would that bother you that they eat very unhealthy? Would it bother you that they smoke? Would it bother you that they drink alcoholic beverages on a regular basis? Would it bother you that they cannot even remember the last time they completed a structured workout? ultimately, you would be exposed to some of their unhealthy habits because of the nature of the relationship. On occasion you will go to your partners favorite restaurant and there may not be a single healthy option on the menu. Or you may be guilted into missing the gym one day because they want to take you on an all day outing. F. dilemma.

Is it fair to expect your partner to pick up some of your healthy habits in the name of prolonging life? Screw fairness, it is what’s best for them. I suppose one could rationalize forcing their views on another by saying it is what is best for them, but at the same time many awful things have been done to people with that same rationale. Or there is the hope that you can lead by example and your partner will just naturally pick up on some of your habits. People do tend to bend when they want to please another person so perhaps through subtle manipulation techniques, a transformation is possible.

One thing to consider is the possibility of pent-up resentment, so be very cautious in your attempts at forcing drastic changes too quickly. For instance, if you state “You must quit smoking now in the name of good health”, that might not go over too well. You will feel resentment because they are not doing something that you so desperately want and they will likely feel resentment because they are being forced to do something that can be quite difficult. Again, F.

So just like many other things in life, compromise is necessary. By no means is that to say that you should give up your healthy ways, but perhaps just don’t expect the sun and the stars of your partner in the blink of an eye. Change is possible but it takes time. Just consider how long it took you to arrive at your decision to get healthy. I only started getting hardcore nutso about health and fitness one year ago so it took me my entire life minus one year to get here. And it was just a matter of finding that one final motivating life event that pushed me into it. Once I found it, I cannot imagine my life any other way. So give him/her a chance to find it for themselves. That being said, a little manipulation won’t hurt. Well, maybe it will hurt physically if they havent been to the gym in a while, but hey pain is temporary.


2 thoughts on “Healthy By Association?

  1. Living a healthy lifestyle is often complicated by having to associate with those that don’t. I’m not asking everyone around me to do weighted wide grip pull-ups, but would it hurt if put down the doughnuts in favor of a healthy breakfast.

    It took me a long time, but I was finally able to convert my wife to the healthy lifestyle religion. Now she’s out trying to spread the good word to her friends and family and is dealing with the same push-back as I did with her.

    Changing people is hard and while some may think we should mind our own business, the alternative is just letting them suffer and eventually die. The next time I attend the funeral of a loved one, I want to know I did everything I could.

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