The Ski Experience

As I like to report on all things fitness/sports related in my life, I wanted to share a recent experience that I had. Never one to shy away from a challenge, I decided to partake in my first attempt at skiing over this past weekend. I find that the general concept behind skiing is slightly strange. Let me strap on some very large sticks to my legs and hope that I stay in an upright position long enough to get to the bottom of the hill. This is supposed to be a pleasurable activity? Well, in fact I did have quite a significant amount of fun while getting an extra dose of exercise at the same time.

This strange new activity was not the easiest thing in the world to familiarize myself with. First of all, the ski boots which I was to use were far too small for my feet and it being my first time, I thought perhaps they were supposed to be very tight. I guess my first indication that the boots were actually the incorrect size was the fact that it took me the better part of a whole minute to get my foot into each boot…stupid me. Once on, I had to adjust my gait in order to adapt to the forward pitch of the boots. I must have looked like an infant taking its first steps. Again, a very strange experience. You should have seen me while attempting to walk down stairs with the boots on.

Once I finally managed to get outside and attach my skis to the boots, I proceeded to the bunny hill. Maneuvering the skis on a flat surface was difficult enough so I was concerned for my pride at this point. I did manage two successful attempts down the bunny hill and felt ready for the more advanced hills.

Bend your knees, do the pizza maneuver, lean this way and that way… I was being told to do so many things all at once and it was a completely foreign feeling this skiing thing. I managed to do alright at slowing down but every once in a while, things would get a little crazy and I would lose control. When this would happen, all efforts to slow down had failed and I would be barreling down the hill going full speed, praying to whoever would listen that I should not hit a divot in the snow and go flying head first into a tree. My prayers were answered for the most part, although nearing the end of the adventure, it was a fence that I should have been more concerned about rather than a tree. My speed was too great and I lost my ability to turn. As I looked ahead in horror at the fast approaching fence, I did what I thought was my only option. I forced myself to wipe out in order to prevent certain death by fence. I have a nasty bruise on my right hip as a little souvenir. That sucker better have fully disappeared before contest time! We are only 3 and a half weeks away!! Yet I am contemplating going skiing again probably next week. I am just a glutton for punishment.

What made the experience that much better was that my date stayed by me the whole time. Yes, there was laughter when I fell, but the laughter only came after his feeling of concern had subsided when he realized that I was fine after each fall.

Dont be afraid to try a new experience. You might just enjoy it and pick up a few badass battle wounds along the way.


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