Peak Week Is Here!

We have reached peak week everyone! For those who are unaware, peak week is the week prior to contest day when it becomes balls to the wall dedication to perfecting the way you want to present yourself on stage. For some, this includes carbohydrate deprivation, dehydration, and all sorts of other methods that will lead to the best show day physique. I do not do this dehydration crap but I do eliminate almost all of the carbs from my diet on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday prior to the show. That means that today was the first of the three days of hell. I am feeling alright at this point because I have only had one carb-less meal thus far but I suspect that by the end of today, I will be making the transition into Mega-Bitch. This is what happens to me when I deprive myself of the carbs…and it is not pretty. I remember this time before my first contest. I was driving to work and trying to peel a banana but the banana would not open. Does a banana open, is that the term? Whatever, you get the point. Anyway, when I could not open it, I started crying and then road rage ensued. Needless to say, I have prepped all the people who will be in close proximity to me this week that I will not be a normal human being for the next three days.

It is always sad for me when I have to give up my beloved oatmeal with protein powder breakfast, but these are the things that one must do I suppose. So I swapped out my carb filled breakfast for eggs and turkey this morning. I then washed it down with a delicious protein shake made of almond milk and chocolate protein powder. For lunch, the plan is some chicken breast and veggies but I have yet to plan dinner. You know what I was going this morning before work? I was cooking my chicken that I will eat over the next few days…sometimes I feel like others think I am a bit of a nut. At least I will be a nut with a trophy. All of this torture better be worth it. I swear to the Fitness Gods that if they do not give me my first place trophy…well, there will be anger and then I’ll probably just go to the gym. I guess I am just a bit of a toothless tiger in that respect.

So, what is up for today? After work I must head to the salon and endure some waxing to ensure that I do not look like a hairy man when I hit the stage. Oh joy, peak week. Between waxing, tanning, and hitting the stage, more people will see me naked or nearly naked this week than any other time of the year. It is not for the self conscious, that is for sure. After having the hair painfully torn from my body, I will proceed to hit the gym for a gruelling leg day.

Oh, on a bit of a tangent here, I wanted to share that for whatever reason, I seem to be severely accident prone the last few days. This is not a good time considering that my accidents tend to result in bruises and these bruises have the potential to mess with my look on stage. I am not happy. I thought I was rolling the dice by going out skiing so close to the contest, but it turns out that the coffee table is more of a danger to me than a potential paralyzing skiing accident.

Ok, enough writing for today. 4 full days to go!!


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