The Booty and the Bruise…and Updates

It is finally not noticeable, HURRAY! And just in time for the show. Thank goodness. What is it that I speak of you ask? Well as you can tell from the picture, I am speaking of the bruise that I managed to give myself on my first ski trip ever a few weeks back. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that that big sucker would not make the best accessory come stage time.

After getting this hideous lesion, I told everyone who would listen that I have a giant competition ruining bruise right on my side butt. This prompted many questions of “How is your side butt today?” I think people just enjoy saying side butt. I know I do. Side butt. Hehe.

So we are now only 2 days away from show day, people! I am relatively bruise free an ready for my spray tan tomorrow. Last time, I found that I was a tad orange with the tan so I hope that this time, my tan lady can make me slightly more brown. I want to be like a bronze goddess, not an Umpa Lumpa. I have warned new guy that he will not be able to lay a finger on me once I have been spray tanned. He is not happy about this but he will live. He has confessed that he will try to put the moves on but I assured him that if he even comes within an inch of touching my spray tanned skin, I may break his arm.

Today I was able to start with the carbs again! I made it through the carb deprivation period and didn’t bite anyone’s head off. Score. Although that trip to the grocery store on day two of carb deprivation day was probably not the best idea. I had a bit of a meltdown in the dessert section between the pies and the brownies. I picked up a pecan pie and tried to smell it through the packaging. Not only could I not smell the pie, but I looked like a total nut job at the same time. I actually plan to write a whole post on how I have been forced to use my sense of smell to enjoy contraband foods rather than actually eating said food items. Look forward to that gem of a post soon.

Tomorrow is the registration and athlete meeting for the show. This is usually held on the day before the show. I will get to scope out the competition and rank my fellow competitors in my mind. Not that it matters because I plan on taking top spot! There goes the ego again. I am going to have a hell of a time trying to reign that in. But then again, you want to be ultra confident going into show day. If you don’t believe you will win, you likely wont. The confidence you carry can be seen by all who observe you. So I am going in to the show not wanting to win, but knowing I will win. Wont that be embarrassing if Sunday comes and I report to you that I didn’t even place? Well, as far as my mind is concerned, it is not a possibility. But needless to say, if that were to happen, it would be a humbling experience. So friends, see you on the other side!


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