Show Day!!


It’s show day people! I am lying here in my bed at 6am because I have nothing to do and I cannot get back to sleep. I have been up since 4:30 and just do not know what to do with myself. I should lie in bed for another hour or so but I have become so restless that that probably will not happen. I can’t wait to start doing my hair and makeup!

Yesterday I got my spray tan and it looks pretty fabulous. I will just have to do a bit of touching up before stage time but such is life.

When I went to the athlete meeting last night, I was on the hunt for anyone who could have possibly been competition specifically in the butt department. I am excited to report that it appears that I have the largest set of glutes. Hurray! Was there even a doubt? There may be some dark horses out there that went unnoticed due to the wearing of sweat pants however lets be honest and say that my butt is kind of an anomaly for a white girl. There ain’t no contest. Again, ego alert.

As I lay here, my stomach is getting more and more agitated as it yells at me, “Feed me some oatmeal, Boss!” I will try to hold off for another half hour but I might not make it.

Today is the day, Friends. All the time, effort and sacrifice will be displayed in the handful of minutes that I am going to be on stage for. This is not the end though. It is only the beginning. What a long road ahead I have. At least I can bring all of you along for the ride. Have a great weekend. I know I will because after trophy time, it’s time for pizza and wine!


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