The much needed ego boost and the workout interruption


As you all know, my ego has been bruised by my recent placing at the last fitness show. Aside from being content with oneself, is there any better way to instill confidence and re-inflate the ego than to receive unsolicited compliments? I had an interesting experience at the gym last night and I wanted to share it with you all. Now, you might think that there would be nothing to complain about if you are receiving compliments at the gym. But hellooooo, I’m trying to do a hardcore workout here and in between every other exercise, I am being forced to engage in small talk. When it come to men, I can be such a pushover and have trouble outright rejecting them to their face. It is easier to me to just ignore a phone call or text and hope that they get the point. At the gym, it’s a lot harder to just ignore because that comes off as terribly rude. It is against the social protocol to just pretend that you didn’t hear someone who is right in front of your face and trying to get your attention. But for God’s sake, I am trying to get a good leg burn going and you are messing with that! Unacceptable.

I have decided that my legs need much improvement before my next show, so my first stop last night at the gym was the squat rack. I loaded one 45lb plate on each side and proceeded to squat. At the end of my third set…I failed. I couldn’t get the bar up and I proceeded to lower the bar to the ground while still on my shoulders and in a very ungraceful manner and then I crawled out from underneath it. As I sat on the ground hoping that no one saw that embarrassing display, a guy who has made efforts to talk to me before came right up and said “I have to ask, do you have a boyfriend?” When did a failed squat become a mating call? This is the guy who kept interrupting my workout and hitting on me even after I informed him that I was happily in a relationship. He blatantly asked me out for a bite to eat and when I told him that he knows I can’t, he just pretended to be clueless as to why. I understand persistence but sometimes a little respect is necessary. And DON’T INTERRUPT MY DAMN WORKOUT! Don’t you know I have only a limited time to get my legs perfect before the next show, should I decide to enter. Read my mind, dude.

Then there was the somewhat creepy statement from a different guy last night. While at the squat rack, an older gentleman came to me and said “I just want to stand near you. I told my mother about you”…interesting.

I know, I know, woe is me. But I go to the gym for a purpose and that purpose is to sculpt my body. Period. If this type of interruption is going to continue, I will have to consider changing gym locations. Im sure my boyfriend would prefer that.

With this rant, the purpose is not to say that I am not approachable at the gym. I would gladly speak with anyone, however with that said, first and foremost I am there to workout. So please don’t try to engage me in an in depth debate with a side of workout.


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