The post about nothing


Hello to anyone who is reading this.

It has been a very long time since I have posted on this blog but something has been sparked inside me that has brought me back. I tend to be a obsessive person and as soon as I get fatigued, I drop the obsession immediately. I went from posting daily… yes, daily…. to not posting for an eternity. I toyed with the idea of even deleting the blog as I fell out of love with it and was concerned that some of my previous posts might be embarrassing should a potential employer come across them one day. But then I remembered all of the joy that I experience whenever I come across an old diary or old piece of writing of mine where I can take a look back in to what I was thinking at a specific moment in time. Reading your own writing from the past is like opening a time capsule and it evokes a happiness inside me.

In an effort to preserve my stories on a digital medium which I can revisit over an over, I have decided to let it live. In fact, I am even going to start writing again. Even if no one reads this, I am doing this for my own self therapy. I must thank Austin Kleon, author of the book Show Your Work (check it out here), for reminding me to unleash my creativity and let it hang out for all to see.

This blog will head off into a slightly different direction. I was racking my brain to try to come up with a main theme but then I realized that my brain is so all over the place and I am into so many different things that it would be a disservice to myself and any potential readers to focus on any one thing. Eventually the blog will become streamlined and I will narrow the focus, but for now you are going to get a peak inside the manic brain of a health care worker, retired bodybuilder, aspiring entrepreneur and product developer, cheapskate, anxiety sufferer, obsessive researcher, DIY fanatic, health food junkie… yeah, so in essence, until further notice this blog will be a bountiful source of random.

Anyway, I hope this gets some people thinking and if not, at least I unloaded my over active mind. Hope to see you around!



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