Dear Gym, I miss you!


For anyone who is a fitness junkie like me, when your fitness routine is thrown out of whack, you can get a little mental. I am currently living through this right now. Let me tell you why.

Back on April 18th, my partner and I picked up our adorable little vizsla puppy Roger, or as we call him Rodge. We are currently living in an apartment and are very aware that vizlsas are not well suited for apartments due to their energy needs. We did not pay this much mind because we were in the market for a house with a backyard and as he is just a little guy, we have some time until he becomes a full on crazy energy monster. We would have been correct however we did not account for the amazing strength of his vocal chords. We brought him to the apartment around noon and love fest ensued…until the sun went down.

When bed time rolled around, my partner decided that he would sleep on the couch in the living room where the dog crate would be. We thought that this might limit some of the first night puppy anxiety. We were wrong. The little guy’s cries could have woke the dead! After a while, my partner had to come into the bedroom because the sound was like having daggers repeatedly shoved into your ears.

At approximately 2:30AM, we had to evacuate the premises. If it was up to us, we could have just left him in a room, closed the door and quite happily stuffed some ear plugs in. However, we were in an apartment and the deafening screams had been ongoing since about 10PM. For fear of having animal control called on us or another noise complaint given, we self evicted. We ended up running with our tails between our legs and puppy in tow, to my partner’s parents house… that was pretty much the only option.

So from April 19th until today May 10th, we have been living in a living room and alternating between sleeping on the floor and on the couch. Don’t get me wrong, we are very grateful that we were able to come up with this solution which seems to be working. The pup is progressing nicely but we are so worried about bringing him back home to the apartment for fear that he will return back to the relentless screaming.

Enough back story. This is a post about fitness for goodness sake!

Like I mentioned, I am currently living out of a living room with some clothing here and some clothing there.  I am always covered in either sweat or some type of dog excretion substance. I don’t know which clothes are clean and which are dirty anymore. I cannot eat my regular meals nor can I feel free to relax as I would in my own space. For example, I often practice yoga at home with just a tank top and underwear on… not a practice you can engage in while in the in-laws living room. In addition to this, when my routine is thrown off in this way, it makes it very difficult to drag my butt to the gym. Not only is there a puppy that is very demanding of my attention but my gym is right by the apartment which is not the most convenient to get to from where I am staying. Call me vain but I keep checking the mirror to make sure my abs are still there.

Some may think that I am providing excuses for my gym absence and perhaps I am but this has definitely been an adjustment and I am trying to find a way to get back to my fitness happy place. While a puppy is not equivalent to a new baby, I feel that I have been given a little peak into what it must be like for new Moms to take out some time for themselves. I hope this new perspective will help me to understand some of the barriers to fitness when it comes to prioritizing our time.

As far as my life with the new puppy, now that we are starting to get into a rhythm, I am going to attempt to come up with a plan of attack and schedule my time down to the minute. I will try to come up with alternative means of exercise in the times when it is not feasible to leave the house. I will definitely have to compromise with my yoga by practising with clothes on as opposed to off.. boo hoo. I must say that YouTube exercise videos are pretty fantastic. Jillian Michaels is definitely one of my favourites. Her “6 week six-pack ab workout” is an absolute ball buster! One of my yoga favourites would be Fightmaster Yoga and for the more serious yoga sessions I go to Free Yoga Tv. I would recommend these channels as they have really challenged me and given me that burn when I just cannot drag myself to the gym.

I do plan to get back to the gym when the time is right. First off, I am paying for a membership, so for me to not attend is like throwing away money. This is a cardinal sin in my book. So at the very least, getting back to the gym lets me get my moneys worth. In addition to this, there is a good feeling associated with going to the gym. You are there for a purpose and it is harder to get side tracked. And you know what? I also like when people watch. I feel very confident with my movements and some of the exercises that I am able to perform so I am proud when people take notice. Keep in mind that these things have been years in the making so who wouldn’t be proud of that? But I digress.

To sum up, life gets busy and we have shifting priorities. One must decide what is important and if fitness is a priority, then we have to stop complaining and start doing.



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