cropped-img_0962.jpg **This is an old about section. I will update it when I get around to it!***

My name is Christina and I am a health and fitness enthusiast!

Should you decide to read on, I cannot promise that you will learn anything from my ramblings but I can say that you will witness an unfiltered view of how I am navigating the  often confusing and contradictory world of fitness and nutrition. Some of  my commentaries may come across as offensive and sarcastic but I did  warn you that this was not an instructional blog.

I have been active in sports for my entire life but early in 2013 I made a decision to take my training to the next level. This led me to discover the amazing world of fitness competitions. The purpose of this blog is to display my love of fitness, as well as to provide tips and tricks, and to share my journey to the winners circle!

I hope you enjoy reading about my take on fitness and my often silly rants  and I wish you the best of luck on your own fitness journey.




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